Hi there, Jill here. I am old and officially 25. I don't use this site so why am I here? Baseball is pretty much my life, especially the Mets, despite the heart attacks they give me. I have quite an appetite for hockey and I have a ridiculous amount of Rangers stuff in my house. Including my dad's memorabilia from Gretzky's days (he won't share). I can't wait for Ryan Lochte to have my children....Mike Trout does not like my fish puns on twitter...David Price once retweeted my white girl rap and told me I had skills...Kevin Burkhard is my bff...Chipper Jones makes me excited in the pants (I could not say that with a straight face)...Crosby's yellow crocs are in my closet...Ryan Callahan is my hero...and of course, phuck the phillies.ALL BRYCE HARPER STORIES AND FACTS ARE 100% FACT. IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE THAT DO NOT READ THEM. THANK YOU.


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